1. Kanya Sumangala Yojana is a government scheme aimed at empowering girls in India by providing financial assistance for their education and well-being.

2. This scheme was launched in 2019 by the state government of Uttar Pradesh, with an initial budget of 1200 crores.

3. The main objective of Kanya Sumangala Yojana is to improve the sex ratio and promote the education and health of girls.

4. Under this scheme, financial assistance is provided to families with up to two daughters, for their education from primary level to graduation.

5. The girl's family will receive a total amount of 15000 rupees in the form of periodic grants at various stages of her education.

6. The first grant of 2000 rupees is given at the birth of the girl child, followed by another grant of 1000 rupees at her vaccination.

7. A third grant of 2000 rupees is given at the time of enrolling the girl child in a primary school, and 3000 rupees upon completion of class 6.

8. The scheme also provides a one-time grant of 5000 rupees for girls who complete their graduation or equivalent level of education.