1. The Karj Mafi Yojana is a government program that aims to provide debt relief to farmers who are struggling to pay off their loans.

2. Introduced in 2017, this scheme has helped thousands of farmers across the country to get rid of their mounting debt and restart their lives.

3. Under this program, eligible farmers can receive a one-time waiver of their outstanding loans from various institutions such as banks and cooperatives.

4. The program covers loans taken for agricultural purposes, including crop loans, investment loans, and loans for agricultural equipment.

5. To be eligible for the Karj Mafi Yojana, farmers must meet certain criteria, such as owning less than five acres of land and having a good repayment record.

6. The scheme also aims to promote financial inclusivity by including small and marginal farmers, sharecroppers, and tenant farmers in its coverage.

7. This program has not only provided economic relief to farmers, but it has also reduced the number of farmer suicides in the country.

8. The government has allocated a significant budget for this scheme, and it has been praised for its success in providing relief to struggling farmers.